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Combustion-grade biomass includes any vegetal solid substance destined for energy generation purposes. Apart from the products cultivated for energy purposes, biomasses include all agricultural and forest-based crop products, including residues of agricultural and forestry processing, agro-food product waste, residues not chemically processed, and wood/paper processing residues. The short viability times allow biomass to be included within renewable energy sources, since the substance exploitation times are comparable to regeneration times.

Since the concept of energy source renewability includes also environmental sustainability, it will be necessary that biomasses (and forest-based ones in particular) come from activities with limited or zero environmental impact (e.g. forest maintenance operations).

Type of Biomass Fuels

Uniconfort Boilers are compatible with different types of biomasses:

  • Forestry and Wood processing residues (sawdust, bark, wood chips, wooden materials with different sizes and humidity level)
  • Agricultural processing residues (olive and vine pruning residues, etc.)
  • Food industry processing residues (tomato skin, solid distillation process residues, apple processing residues, juice processing residues, beer factory thresh, oilseed processing residues, bran processing residues, etc.)
  • Tree and grass crops (short-medium rotation)
  • Urban green areas and bank clearing

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