Two days dedicated to professionals..

It is an event characterized by the coverage of the entire energy supply chain of wood, from forest management to the production and supply of all the different types of wood fuels and not only, to the production of energy through cogeneration and direct heating appliances.
In addition, the focus of the event is the reduction of the CO2 impact. We all know that time is running out to respond to a world that is getting dangerously hotter. In fact, the number of extremely hot days each year when the temperature reaches 50°C has doubled since 1980.

To ensure a habitable world for future generations, it is imperative in our fight against climate change to accelerate the spread of viable solutions, such as those embodied in the bioeconomy and bioenergy.

Come and discover how Uniconfort can help you achieve energy independence, reduce your energy costs and your environmental impact!

Thanks to Uniconfort boilers all this is possible!