EU Gateway | Business Avenues offers a tried and tested approach to accessing the Japanese market, and creating long-lasting business relationships. Thanks to this EU-funded initiative, selected European companies
will participate in a one-week market scoping mission to Japan, focused on a specific industry. Participantsreceive an all-round package of one-on-one coaching before the mission starts, information on doing business in Japan, and industry specific reports. During the mission, companies benefit from pre-arranged business meetings with potential clients or distributors, attend networking events, and site visits.
The first market scoping mission of 2018 will target Environment & Water Technologies from 21-25 May 2018 in Tokyo. In addition to the combination of services offered by EU Gateway | Business Avenues, companies will also have a built-up booth at the N-EXPO in Tokyo. Deadline for application is 2 February 2018.
Two other confirmed market scoping missions have already been scheduled in 2018. Each of them offer coaching in Europe and Japan, and will be linked to a parallel event: Green Energy Technologies from 18-22 June 2018. Companies will also participate in the Grand Renewable Energy 2018 International Conference & Exhibition in Yokohama. Deadline for application is 2 March 2018.