Duri i banchi

This year we have decided to support some local producers by packing an all-Venetian Christmas package for our staff and partners.

Even from a distance, we maintain our traditions and support our territory. The package has been named "DURI I BANCHI", an expression created during the times of the Serenissima when during defense or conquering battles at sea, the moment before firing cannons or ramming into a ship, the rowers of the galleys were ordered by the command bridge ‘duri ai banchi’ to warn them to let go of the oars and hold hard to the benches in preparation for the ensuing impact force. Over time this saying has abandoned the sea to take on a new meaning: in times of hardship for individuals or communities the motto 'duri i banchi' is used as a form of encouragement and moral support and therefore means 'stay strong!', ‘don’t give up’!

The Uniconfort Staff wishes you Happy Holidays and... DURI I BANCHI!