Cmt Biomass Boiler

Production of hot water, superheated water

CMT is a range of custom-designed biomass boilers, with power comprised between 100KW and 200KW


The technical solutions offered allow to burn also moist material up to 60 % with irregular sizes.


CMT boilers are ideal for: production of thermal energy for medium-size stores, agricultural industries, nurseries, centralized heating systems.


UNICONFORT supplies complete systems “from silos to chimneys”, by producing storing solutions in compliance with the customer’s needs, and fume filtration systems compliant with the more strict reference standards.

CMT strengths

  • Spring explosion-relief and chimney inspection door
  • Positive-action fire-fighting device with adjustable temperature, complete with water filter
  • Primary and secondary combustion air conveying manifold with manual adjustment dampers and automatic total closure dampers
  • Petrol and/or gas burner protection and control device
  • Adjustment and operation control thermostatic equipment
  • Exchanger explosion-relief safety valves
  • Combustion chamber with furnace refractory lining and chrome cast iron elements

CMT biomass boiler can be used in the following fields:

  • Nurseries and greenhouses
  • Heating systems
  • Remote heating
  • Cities and towns
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