Hameenlinna - Finland

An industrial process powered by Uniconfort

In Hämeenlinna, 98 Km north of the capital of Finland, STI is running more efficiently producing significant amounts of biodiesel. The main role in the system is played by a biomass boiler, which was designed and constructed by Uniconfort. It is basically powered by wood chips from farming and forestry production.


The plant will also use burn waste produced from the production processes, called bionolix (a product that Uniconfort has tested and analyzed), which will be recovered through an energy efficient system and become a renewable source for the final production of the biodiesel. In short, this is a “self-regenerating” plant, optimizing and redeeming all the waste material which otherwise, would not only be left unused, but would have a serious impact on the waste disposal costs of STI.


The plant has a power output of 3000 kW (2.5 million kcal), and produces 4000 kg/hour of steam at a pressure of 16 bar. On average, to power a boiler of this type with methane gas, at least 2 million m3 per year would be needed, with a global cost of 600.000 Euro. However with the Global/G 300 Uniconfort boiler, just 3.000 tons of chips are sufficient, costing just 150.000 Euro per year, which means savings of 75%. This means that the entire project will be fully depreciated in just three and a half years, according to the participants.


To these already impressive figures one can add zero CO2 emissions, considerable reduction of fine dust down to 10 mg/m3 thanks to a special filtering system in the plant, and, but not least, the building that houses the boiler without any unsightly constructions in the landscape.


STI is one of the leaders in the field of renewable energy. The plant is linked remotely to enable continuous monitoring and provide rapid emergency interventions when needed.