The experience and professionalism we offer to our Customers make the difference

Uniconfort has been active for over 60 years in the technological sector of solid biomass energy transformation produced by the forest- based, wood processing, agricultural, food processing, special crops and urban green cleaning industries.

Our field of operation

  • Production and Construction of Biomass Boilers
  • Production of Biomass Boilers for hot water, superheated water, steam, diathermic oil, and hot air and gas generators
  • “Turnkey” Biomass Systems
  • “Turnkey” Biomass Cogeneration Systems
  • Consultancy on Government Incentives (Green and White Certificates)
  • Boilers Compatible with different types of Biomass (agricultural/forest-based, with high content of humidity, uneven pieces and high content of ashes)
  • Internal Research Centre specialized in the study and combustion of conventional and unconventional solid biomasses
  • Boilers with Thermal Power between 199 kW and 25 MW