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A renewable energy source

Biomass is an energy source which continuously renews itself through the growth of trees which develop themselves by accumulating carbon, subtracted from the atmosphere through solar energy. Biomass is not a depleting fuel, such as fossil fuel.

A clean energy to help the environment

The Kyoto Protocol requires to reduce emissions by focusing on the development of renewable energy sources, among which biomass is one of the most promising. Wood is a “neutral - CO2” energy source, because the part of carbon dioxide emitted by combustion is the same captured by trees by photosynthesis; thus it returns to the atmosphere without altering the carbon cycle. Furthermore, biomass does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Local and available... an energy source at our fingertips

Unlike petrol and gas, mostly imported from foreign countries, biomass is underneath our feet; it is available on a local level and it can be used directly on site.

It is good for environmental conservation

Neglected woodlands are a serious issue in many regions of the world. Neglect of woodlands produces an ecological imbalance of the forest system, increases the risk of fires, decreases the usability of the territory and its landscape value and increases hydro-geological risks.
The use of biomass as a fuel creates a convenient use of the materials produced during woodland maintenance operations, and thus stimulates a new forest managements guided by sustainability.

It develops employment

The use of biomasses for energy purposes creates additional jobs, fostering local development.
Forest and agricultural companies can find significant work and profit opportunities in this sector, both in the fuel supply field and in managing the new systems.

It does not come only from forests

Biomass does not come only from forests; it is also present in lowlands and cities. Biomass also comes from crops, hedges, groves, short-rotation coppice and urban green areas. All reservoirs which can supply significant quantities of wood fuels.

It holds a new political value

Using the biomass also means depending less from petrol imports and from the countries producing it; it helps to balance payments toward foreign counties, and to tackle the issue of waste accumulation; it boosts the production of local income.