Uniconfort has been active for over 60 years in the technological sector of solid biomass energy transformation produced by the forest-based, wood processing, agricultural, food processing, special crops and urban green cleaning industries.

Uniconfort offers “turnkey” systems, from Silos to Chimneys.

  • Uniconfort considers Cogeneration Systems not a mere Technology supply, but rather an occasion to develop partnerships with its customers from the project’s beginning up to the system management.
  • Uniconfort can count on a specialized internal Research Centre which studies and carries out combustion tests on conventional and unconventional solid biomasses. (possibility of requesting Combustion Tests).
  • Uniconfort has acquired a level of experience and know-how in this sector which represent the precious heritage of the Company, and are based on the management’s professional and entrepreneurial background, which leads the company in its continuous development.
  • While pursuing its growth, Uniconfort maintains an agile and flexible structure, to better meet the Customers’ needs.